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Guenevere spends many days, weeks or even months working on her hyper real motorcycle oil paintings. She takes hundreds of photographs to capture a composition she deems paint worthy. All of her oil paintings are completed start to finish in the tradition oil painting style with brush and palette. Guenevere also uses a very basic palette preferring to mix all her own colors to achieve the brilliance of her bold colors.

Guenevere started riding motorcycles in college to expedite her commute into San Francisco from Oakland via the Bay Bridge. During her time in the Bay Area she indulged in the motorcycle world learning much about the bikes she rode and found around her. Speed and performance became her goals as she departed on rides up the coast. Do to her surroundings she grew to love Cafe Racers, classic Japanese bikes, and of course Italian Motorcycles. While test riding many bikes she could never shake her first love an Orange1988 Honda Hawk NT 650, which she still rides today.

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