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MotoPainter shares road trips, studio updates

Why Two?

Guenevere knows that not everyone loves motorcycles and not all of her motorcycle fans are interested in bubbles or tulips, so she has committed to keeping two blogs so that her followers can choose which adventure they'd prefer to follow. Feel free to investigate both and be sure to follow your favorite or both to be notified of new posts.

In Guenevere's Garden you will find her painting process and thoughts on inspiration. She also includes other creative endevors such as gardening and sewing projects. This blog is focused on Guenevere's unquenchable creativity and desire for exploration through creative outlets.

Guenevere Schwien Studios

Everything Motorcycles. On Guenevere's MotoPainter blog she shares progress on her latest motorcycle paintings in her studio, as well as any shows she will be in. She also shares her life with bikes. She reviews motorcycle rally's and shows she attends as well as sharing road trips and local rides she's been on.

Guenevere's Blogs

She maintains two blogs for her different types of work.


Painting process, Small Studies, and Daily Paintings